From 2012 to just before 2014 I worked as a Jr. Designer at Fullscreen, a YouTube Multi-Channel Network. I worked on branded content for both in house and external clients. Large companies like General Electric, Google, Comcast for ad space design. Larger companies and our own YouTube talent would come to us to help beef up their YouTube branding and presence. Companies like Fishbowl wanted logos (seen above) to give life to their content. 

takei's taketakei's take

Takei's Take

One of my favorite projects was the creation of George Takei's branding for his YouTube show with AARP. Though they have since changed the color pallette my logo and formatting remains the same. 



During the time I was at Fullscreen, the company was focused on building up their talent networks in different verticals. The design team touched on every vertical.  I was tasked with Splash pages, branding, and merchandise for a few including Vlog Union (Vloggers) and FAM (music).