Tapiture Web


I joined Tapiture in 2013. It was an up and coming social & ecommerce startup. I spent the next year and a half plugging away with the original styling before finally getting a chance to rebrand the company. 



Changing the user experience on the web was a must. Companies like Tapiture have become a hyper focused search engines. The new layout should bring the search front and center while still allowing the sites content to retain the focal point.  Below are selected views of the feed, profile and certain modals and features. The collapsed profile view contains experiments with content cards on a larger grid set.

Style Guide

Along with a new logo comes all the assets. All the way down to emails. The new branding was created to be more gender neutral and sophisticated. I started building out useful style guides in sketch and photoshop to help keep track of everything.  Eventually it would have gone on to include a lot of UI elements and marketing language tone.